How To Find the Best Surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA

Best Surgeon Pittsburgh PAFinding the best orthopedic surgeon to treat your shoulder or elbow condition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can be a challenging process. If your injury is painful or debilitating, the time you have available to shop around is limited. Plus, regardless of whether your condition is acute or chronic, you only have one chance to choose the right surgeon the first time. Here are some ways to make sure that you do:

Prepare for Your Visit

Before your initial meeting with an orthopedic surgeon, think about your expectations—what do you hope to gain out of the interaction? Gather any information you have from your previous doctors’ visits, including your X-rays and other images and a chronology of the treatments you’ve had, such as medications, physical therapy, injections, and surgical procedures. In essence, be prepared to tell your story. By helping the surgeon chart how your condition developed and changed over time, you can also help him or her better understand the issue and determine the best solution.

Consider These Factors

In deciding whether a surgeon is best for you, your top considerations should include his or her:

  • Technical expertise and track record – How many times has the surgeon performed the procedure you need? What were the outcomes and complication rates? How often does the surgeon’s name come up when you ask for recommendations from your primary care physician, family members, and friends?
  • Education and training – Did the surgeon train through a reputable orthopedic program? Is the surgeon fellowship-trained? Does the surgeon subspecialize?
  • Personality and communication style – Is the surgeon personable? Do you feel comfortable asking him or her questions? Do you have a good rapport? Do you trust him or her?

In sum, your search for the best surgeon primarily boils down to three “As:” availability, ability, and affability. While the latter two—technical ability and personality—are distinct elements, the best surgeon will earn top marks in both areas.

Meet the Surgeon Who Combines Unparalleled Expertise With a Patient-First Approach

Christopher C. Schmidt, MD, is nationally recognized as one of the “Best” Pittsburgh Shoulder Surgeons. As the Director of the Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, he finds it rewarding to care for people in his community and help them return to the activities they enjoy as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to meet Dr. Schmidt, contact his office at (877) 471-0935 to schedule a consultation at one of his three locations in the greater Pittsburgh, PA, area.